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Book Cover
This book cover has silver-foil embossed letterpress copy on the cover and spine. There is a collage of two types of my handmade paper that sandwich the title between them. The lower paper is full of the forest, the upper is more from the recycled place we take up in this world.

Between Dream and Flesh
by Jed Myers

Bewick's Wren, ink drawing

  • Year: 2018
  • Pages: 32
  • Binding: stapled and square-spine wrap
  • Size: 6" x 9"
  • Limited Edition: 150 copies
  • Price: $25.00


“Through dream, memory or prayer, the poet considers how often a byproduct of tenderness is friction. Generous with rhyme and the music of natural speech, these poems struggle with the juxtapositions of living, such as 'the serene / face of my difficult love.' Myers concludes that to exist in the twenty-first century within 'our pierceable skins' is both perishable and precious.”

—Allen Braden
author of A Wreath of Down and Drops of Blood (University of Georgia Press, 2010)

Jed Myers, Poet
Jed Myers is an accomplished, award-winning, and prolific Seattle poet. A hard working poet, he ran a reading series in Seattle for several years, was the poetry editor for Bracken magazine, is willing to assist other poets, and participates in many venues around Washington State and elsewhere. He does what it takes to be a true poet.

About Jed Myers

Not only is Jed Myers an excellent poet, he is one who supports the poetry community by submitting to many publications and competitions (successfully!), by editing for Bracken magazine, and by reaching out to give support to other writers. Though he thinks I'm a little sarcastic, which I am, right now I'm completely serious. Really. He's impressive.

He teaches as a Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Washington, and maintains a solo therapy practice in Seattle. He considers himself a student of human nature, and sees poetry as a pathway toward the illumination of that nature.

To learn more about Jed Myers, go to his website.

Letterpress Ready to Emboss the Spine
To emboss the book spine, each of the letters need to be placed and spaced just right. Don't worry, it's supposed to read backwards to print correctly. It was not an easy task to line up the type for the spine and then the cover by ruler and eyesight each of the covers. That was after each of the covers had the back cover copy printed with my toner-printer. It was especially difficult since this book was published the year after a horse head-bumped me, which made my left eye slightly off-kilter. But I seemed to pull it off well enough.

Jed Myers

About the Making of
Between Dream and Flesh

The title and author name on the outer covers are foil-stamped using an embosser passed on to me by another Seattle poet—John Burgess and his wife Patsy. This old machine heats letterpress type to 260°, and pushes the type into a strip of prepared foil and down into the paper. To do this on the spine, it was necessary to line up the type by eyeballing it, which worked a surprising number of times. Usually, you'd use the grid to see where to place the type, but the cover paper conceiled then entire platform. I figured out a way to size it up efficiently, and went on from there.

Then I stamped the front covers with the title, and then again with the author’s name. Each time I pulled the lever, I had to be sure the head and the paper were still alligned. In the end, there were 150 covers embossed, for a total of 450 accurate stampings. Of course, there were several inaccurate stampings, as well, which have gone into the upcycle paper bin so I can make more paper.

I then collaged each cover with my handmade paper. There is an upper strip of light tan or cream-colored paper, and a darker strip of purple or brown. From designing the book, printing it on machine-made papers (as listed in the colophon), to scoring, folding, sewing, and trimming, collaging, and foil-embossing each book to complete their assembly—handmade books are a time-consuming product. Hands-on work like this is arduous, yet satisfying. Not only can you hold this book in your hands, the end result is something that is versatile as an entertainment, a book of literature, and each one an artwork.