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Cover of Why Horses
Cover of Why Horses
The photo on the cover of this book was taken at the pond that has inspired so many poems in the book. The saddle is the heavy western style saddle that I used to use before I discovered English saddles are lighter and allow the rider to communicate more with the horse. But this saddle has a lot of memories that flutter around it when the sun is shining just so.

Why Horses

Anita K. Boyle

  • Publisher: MoonPath Press
  • Year: 2020
  • Pages: 225
  • Binding: perfect bound
  • Size: 6" x 9"
  • Price: $20


This book has a wide variety of poems inside it. Many are about my horses, but there are plenty of others that discuss all kinds of animals, like whales, chickens, caterpillars, dogs, cats, raccoons, and many more critters, and the places where they reside and how we relate to them. There are also poems about family and the ways people interact with each other. And then there are the other poems, too, the ones who sidle up to abstract art. I try my best to keep my poems honest, but they aren't exact, since to write a poem allows for translation from a thing to the details. These are poems that share the visions the hang out inside the cage of my cranium with those that hang out in yours.

During the year this book was published, and continuing into the immediate future, no public poetry reading events could happen safely. So I feel fortunate to have been invited to be a featured reader for the Striped Water Poets/Northwest Renaissance Poets online Poetry Night followed by an open mic in February of 2021. This event was recorded, so you're welcome to review the entire evening here.

Two Horses
Flicka and Moby grazing by the barn and the studio, near the pond
The day these horses met was late one spring when the grass is lush and the deepest green. Flicka herded Moby and Tawny around the pastures just long enough to let them know who was the boss. Probably twenty minutes or less. At one point, Moby and Flicka came snorting up to each other, necks arched powerfully, nostrils flared. Have you ever heard a mare blow loud as she can through those nostrils? It sends chills down your back. They both did that as they barely touched noses. Then they spun around and kicked toward each other, both missing. I knew then that they had made a deal, and they stuck with it, best friends forever. Otherwise, they wouldn't have missed. They were good for their word. Two Horses

About My Horses

These two mares had been my best friends longer than anyone else before their passing on. Flicka (Morgan/Thoroughbred) was the one who defined the spirit of the horse for me, and Moby (Appaloosa), the one with the sense of humor. They were my teachers about many things, and provided help when I needed it most. It is more than a privilege to stand beside a horse and know who she is.

Flicka was the first horse I ever lived with. She came with her pal Firefly, who was the fluffy Shetland pony that my kids rode when they were shorter than he was. He was probably the gentlest equine I ever met. And the cutest, too. We also got to know Tawny(Arab/Quarter), Lady (Quarter horse), Willy (a short mule with one and a half ears), and Gusty (Shetland).

Why Horses is for sale on the MoonPath Press website. I have a few copies for sale, too, if you would like one that is signed.