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Cover of What the Alder Told Me
The natural world is a delicate thing, yet has extraordinary super-powers. Think of the strength of the spider's web. Family ties are binding, and more fragile than the tiny a song bird. The poems in this book focus of these and other ideas.

What the Alder Told Me
Anita K. Boyle

ink drawing

  • Publisher: MoonPath Press
  • Year: 2011
  • Pages: 66
  • Binding: perfect bound
  • Size: 6" x 9"
  • Price: $10.00


Dragonfly on Blackberry Thorns
Every summer, the dragonflies hang out at the pond. There are at least four or five dragonfly species we see every year. And the damselflies, too.

A Note from the Author About This Book

author photoIt was really a lot of fun to gather poems together into this book titled What the Alder Told Me. All the trees tell secrets around here, but an alder beside the pond told me so many things about writing poetry. Seriously, if an alder told you how to write a poem that branches like a tree, and changes dramatically and easily from season to season, wouldn't you listen, too? What if it was a rumor from the alder as told by a red dragonfly?

At least some of my poems follow the alder's guidelines. However, I'm more sarcastic than any alder has ever been. They are somber and sincere, but they sure love spring. I like to think they are honest, too.