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Sanctuary Poems cover

These poems were written during my month-long Willard R. Espy fellowship in 2003. It is illustrated with public domain ink drawings from a very old dictionary I use when I edit my work.

Sanctuary Poems
by Anita K. Boyle

  • Year: 2003
  • Pages: 20
  • Binding: handsewn
  • Size: 5.5" x 7.5"
  • Limited Edition: 30 copies
  • Signed and numbered by the author
  • Price: never for sale, out of print

public domain imageThere actually was a cow shed, the ocean, a bay, loads of sand, and coffee cans full of nails near the place I stayed while writing these poems. In that way, these poems are true, in other ways they may not be. But they have the ring of truth anyway.


The Coyote of Leadbetter


Look how beautiful and calm she is.

About the Book

public domain imageAll of the poems in this book are now published in my other books, so you're only missing the photos of the coyote I took with shaky hands and a digital camera that saved the photos on the so-called 3.5 floppy discs that weren't actually floppy. They only fit three or four photos per disc, so I was forever stopping to change them. Jim would often follow me around with a stack of them until I got a better camera.

Anyway, the coyote was at the Leadbetter Wildlife Santuary at the tip of Long Beach Peninsula where I was walking alone from Willapa Bay to the Pacific Ocean when I saw her, or maybe him. After much hesitation about whether I should go back the way I came (this is a carnivore after all), I decided to chance it and photograph this extraordinarily calm animal. I, however, was not calm. I took a photo, and then needed to change the disc. There's a little bit to that, unzipping a bag, rattling a box of discs, the exchange of one with the other, all while keeping an eye on the meat-eater. By then, she was almost six feet from me. I lightly cleared my throat, just to see if she knew I was there in the path ahead of her. She thought that rather rude, and took an immediate left into the bushes, giving me a glance to let me know how impudent I had been. But I had a few photos. It took a while before I could get my hands to stop shaking. The photos are tattle-tales of that.