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The Drenched

The cover art is a wood engraving. The background was made by dropping water onto a ink jet print, scanning and editing. The interior is printed in color and is illustrated with line drawings by the author/publisher/me.

The Drenched
A Creation Myth for the Pacific Northwest

  • Year: 2014
  • Pages: 32
  • Binding: handsewn, square-spine wrap
  • Size: 4.75" x 6"
  • Limited Edition: 100 copies
  • Price: $20.00 out of print

This book also has a hard cover edition limited to eight copies. It is also out of print.

You can read about this book on my blog Link. Oh. I don't have the link yet, because I have to redo the post, since I'm moving it from another blog I had. Really.

wood engraving

Rain Man holds an inside-out umbrella in the pouring rain, typical of Pacific Northwest umbrella users.

I cannot say how amazing it was to be carving out the hard wood of a block meant for engraving, which is a horizontal plane of the vertical wood fibers like the top of a stump except the wood is so hard and dense it can be sanded smooth. The gravure tools are unique, not chisels like for wood and linoleum blocks, but more like a bent nail with a handle, though more precise than that. One needs a little practice just to see how to hold the tool, and to figure out what exactly that tool does. I hope to be making another one very soon.

About the Book

Bucket, ink drawingThis is a poem that started in 2003 while I was in Oysterville, WA, at a month-long writer's fellowship. When I came home, I had written &/or revised sixty poems. This one was practically a haiku. I worked on it, editing, revising, re-reading, and repeating the process until I came up with this final version, which is a poem in seven parts.

This is one of the poems I wrote to act on the idea of rebuilding a system of myth and story of the Pacific Northwest for those of us who find ourselves without much of a history other than the place itself. So… The Drenched came into being. This strong sense of being part of a place is one of the reasons I've lived on these five acres for over thirty years, and have no real thoughts of ever leaving.