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Front Cover

The paper is a heavy cover stock with a horizontal laid texture. The red eye is hand-colored.

Bamboo Equals Loon
by Anita K. Boyle

  • Publisher: Egress Studio Press
  • Year: 2001
  • Pages: 32
  • Binding: stapled, square-spine wrap
  • Size: 5.125" x 8.375"
  • Out of print

print by Anita K. BoyleBamboo Equals Loon is my first published book, and an early one published through my imprint Egress Studio Press. It was a learning experience to create and publish a book like this, and it was the inspiration for my publishing enterprises.

Sometime in the future, I plan to create some kind of video or e-book for each book I've published. I'll begin with the ones that that have gone out of print, like this one. Many poetry-lovers are keen to hear the poet him- or herself read their own poems. They say it adds several more layers and depth to the poems they might miss while reading the book to themselves. I agree. But first, the poem must stand on its own.

Here are a few poems from Bamboo Equals Loon, including the title poem.

inspiring pond

Lily Pads Amid Mid-Summer's Shady Light

The pond in the middle of the pencil-thin five acres where I live is where to find the most inspiration for writing.

Comments About This Book

Bewick's Wren, ink drawingAnita K. Boyle has achieved an immediate and direct communication without having to sacrifice neither language nor image.
—Anselm Parlatore
excerpt from review

Her poems vacillate comfortably between the elegant and the elemental, between simplicity and complexity, between the natural world and the imaginary…they occupy the world of the mind.
—Polly Buckingham
publisher of StringTown Magazine