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About Egress Studio Press

Egress Studio Press is managed by two poets, Anita K. Boyle and James Bertolino, who are professionals with many years experience in publishing, book design, and manuscript editing. Since 2000, Egress Studio Press has published books by poets from Washington.


— Poetry Manuscript Submission Guidelines —

PLEASE NOTE!: We are not currently accepting new manuscripts, nor editing or reading. You may contact me at the email address in the next paragraph if you have any questions.


We only publish poets who reside in Washington State—they are the poets we know best, so they are the ones we publish. If you are a poet currently living in Washington, you are welcome to send a 12-to-24-page poetry manuscript attached as a pdf file in an email to Egress Studio Press: If you prefer to send your manuscript by snail mail, please contact me via email prior to sending it. No SASE necessary, as I will send you an email after your manuscript has been read. Please note: Prior to any publication, you will be required to submit the same manuscript as a pdf file, so we strongly suggest that you send a file rather than mail paper to us. For each manuscript submission, we charge a  reading fee, and will make a PayPal button available when we begin to accept manuscripts again.


We are working on four new books by Washington State poets. When three of those are "out the door," we will be opening again to manuscript submissions. Best guess for that happening is late in 2016. Thank you for your interest.


Our Current Publishing Practices

All our books are now made entirely inside Egress Studio. Jim and I read every manuscript, and offer a short critique per manuscript. If we choose not to publish your manuscript, we may suggest another press or two where the manuscript might find a home. Because our books are handmade, we don't publish many volumes per year. In the past 15 years, we've averaged one per year. But with the new limited editions, we hope to publish two or three next year, 2016, and we've got a good head start on that right now. We may even finish one during 2015.


I design each book layout and cover on my Mac, and print the books on my printer. Then, the books are scored, trimmed, glued, sewn and otherwise assembled inside Egress Studio. Jim and other people will often join in the fun of book production. In order to honor the poets we choose to publish, we strive to create books with simple, elegant design; artwork that complements the poems; and aim for an appearance that will give readers the desire to reach out and take the book off the shelf.


Each new book Egress Studio Press publishes will be issued through one of two procedures:

#1 — Limited Edition

• a limited hand-assembled, soft cover edition of 75 to 100 copies

• all copies will be signed and numbered by the author


#2 — Special Limited Edition

• a limited-edition, hard cover, poetry art-book of 8-12 copies, with artwork by Anita K. Boyle. If the artwork is from block prints, the original prints may be included in this version;

• a limited hand-assembled, soft cover edition of 75 to 100 copies, including copies of the artwork

• all copies will be signed and numbered by the author and the artist


Out-Of-Print Books

Our current plan is to print only limited editions, with no second printings. Then, if a publication goes out-of-print, we will make an e-book to keep it available. The electronic book will usually be in a pdf format, and will often  include an audio recording of the poet reading his or her poems.

A signature of The Drenched, with holes made in preparation for sewing. Holes are made with the awl, pictured.

Land Line: 360-543-3903

Snail Mail: 5581 Noon Road, Bellingham WA 98226