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All cleaned up and ready for an Open Studio Day. This was a few years ago. Right now, we'll have to wait for the pandemic to subside before inviting anyone inside here. But the studio is a cheery place.

Welcome to Egress Studio

Today (February 13, 2021), I made another update to this website. This week, I created a couple of new pages for my books. To do that I first improved the templates, css, and html in a few spots, and then added information and photos. I didn't want to make a bunch of mistakes when I put up the Egress Studio Press books, which I'm hoping will be next on my list. So I thought I'd make myself the guinea pig for these pages. That turned out to be a good idea, as right about now it looks like I messed up the page responsiveness. So I'll be working more on that this afternoon. Good thing it snowed today, or I wouldn't find the time.

Bewick's Wren, ink drawing Here are the directions to get to the first new pages. In the navigation bar above, go to the "Bookstore" link. Choose the "Poetry by Anita K. Boyle" link. That page lists the publications that have my poetry in them (of course). Once you're on this page, the only page that has a link to more information about the book is the first one: Why Horses. You will get there if you click the cover photo. Most of the other books listed will link to their cover, and I will try to get the book information up as soon as I can.

Here are a few examples of my work…