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Events: Upcoming and Past

Art Exhibits

Natural Beauty

July, Bellingham

Allied Arts of Whatcom County Gallery

• Juried show features work by four artists: Shawn Pagels, Nancy Canyon, Dedrian Clark, and Anita Boyle

• Artworks in this show are inspired by plants, animals, landscapes, and elements found in nature.


Shadows We Leave Behind

LiTFUSE 2016: One-Person Art Exhibit

September 23-25, Boxx Gallery, Tieton, Washington

Artist statement: My art and poetry is motivated by a family history that is brief and incomplete. The lack of a full background, and no real culture that is my heritage, I am inventing, slowly, where I come from and how we got here. The assemblages attempt to define things such as "we" and "here" through constructing communications between the things such ideas are made from.

• Art will include assemblages and handmade books made from objects (organic and manufactured) that are familiar to people from the Pacific Northwest.

• Click on this website link to learn more about the Boxx Gallery.


Open Studio

TBA (Sometime between July and October), Bellingham

Egress Studio

• This is an opportunity to visit the Egress Studio. Come and see where I work, and what's been going on with art, poetry and publishing in the studio.

Poetry Readings, and other speaking events

LiTFUSE 2016: September 23-25 in Tieton, Washington

• Saturday, September 24, 5:10-5:50

Collaboration Between Art, Poetry, Publishing and a Small Pond

During this discussion, I'll show photographs of the Noon Road pond that has inspired the creation of much of my art; read a few poems that illustrate how a sense of place influences art and poetry; and chat with the audience about how an environment can inhabit art.

• Sunday, September 25, 8:30-11:40

Chapbook Making Workshop: Make a polished layout for your self-published poetry chapbook

In this workshop, you'll learn how to organize the pages of a book, including content information, and how to sew a small chapbook together.

For more information about LiTFUSE, and to register for workshops, go to the website at

Illustration detail from The Moon's Answer

a poem by Lana Ayers—a limited-edition Egress Studio Press publication

Poetry Readings, Workshops, and Book Fairs

—since late 2013—


Featured Poets and Open Mic Series

June 1, Duvall

Duvall Libary

Poetry reading with James Bertolino and open mic


Having Faith in a Seed

May 12, Bellingham

Lightcatcher, Whatcom Museum

• Like the art of Philip McCracken, the poetry of Paul Hansen, James Bertolino and Anita K. Boyle embraces the natural world. Join us in a conversation about art and poetry, with a poetry performance in the gallery surrounded by McCracken’s artwork.

• Poetry reading surrounded and inspired by the art of Philip McCracken

• Reading with James Bertolino and Paul Hansen


Theme of Place

March 27, LaConner

Museum of Northwest Art

• Pecha Kucha slide show featuring images of the Noon Road pond and the inspiration from place found in my poetry and art. In a  Pecha Kucha slide presentation, twenty images are shown for 20 seconds each.

• Group event with artists, writers and community leaders.


Elevations: Love Song for Cascadia

February 7, Bellingham

Allied Arts of Whatcom County

• Invitation to Participate in a collaboration between four nature photographers (Brett Baunton, John D’Onofrio, Lance Ekhart and Dennis Walton); flautist Gary Stroutsos; and poets James Bertolino and Anita K. Boyle

• Poetry and music collaborate with photographs of the Pacific Northwest

Art Exhibits


Art! Art! Art!

March, Bellingham

Firehouse Cafe, Fairhaven

• Group show of artists' group, with Renee Sherrer, Denise Snyder, Shirley Erickson, Amy Armitage, Deb McCunn, Laurie Potter and Jeni Cottrell


It's About Paper

March, Bellingham

Social Fabric, on Commercial Street

• A show of art and books that use handmade paper

• With Denise Snyder and Renee Sherrer


Noisy Water Ekphrastic

April, Bellingham

Firehouse Cafe, Fairhaven

• Group show of art based on poetry from the Noisy Water anthology

• Poets who are artists interpret their poems in art


Pecha Kucha Night—Place: How do we shape and become shaped by locales present, past, lived or imagined?

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, 6PM

• From the theme, Place, I decided to focus on the pond near my studio to talk about how important this place is as an inspiration for my art and poetry.

• Other featured presenters included artists, poets and community members Jodie Buller, Susanna Bluhm, Jessica Gigot, David C. Kane, Sheila Klein, Allen Moe, Paul Kunihølm Pauper, and Jennifer Shainin.


Dragonfly from the Pond

This photo was not shown during the Pecha Kucha Night at the Museum of Northwest Art, though the dragonflies of summer DO inspire my art and poetry.


Elevation: The Art of Cascadia

February, Bellingham

• Opening February 5, Allied Arts of Whatcom County

• Invitational to exhibit in the gallery space with five landscape painters and another assemblageartists

• showing assemblages and an assemblage-style book


Between the Lines

January, Bellingham

• Juried book art show with case-bound book titled Journal of Wishes

• Book cover collage of ocean algae paper and bones



Gifts for Nature Lovers

December, Bellingham

Whatcom Land Trust

• An invitational show of nature authors, artists and photographers with books

• Showed my poetry books and broadsides, and assemblages that use handmade paper and natural materials, and more


WWU Class Visit

November 5, Bellingham

Western Washington University

• Shared my work as a bookmaker, papermaker and assemblage artist to a group of students whose assignment was to create a poetry book using a "compost" technique with upcycled, recycled and natural materials. While listening to their project plans, I shared ideas with the intent of encouraging creative thought and managing new media.


Night Gallery

October, Bellingham

Fourth Corner Frames

• Invitational show

• Created an encaustic assemblage based on the beauty of crop circles, and wrote a poem to pair with the poem


Earthly Delights

July, Bellingham

Allied Artists of Whatcom County Gallery

• A juried show with six artists

• Showing books and assemblages that use handmade paper


Transformations & Translations

June 5 and 12, Bellingham

Prentiss Cole's The Works Studio, Gallery and Conversation

• Pop-Up gallery show

• With Mary Jo Maute:



November 21 & 22, Bellingham, Egress Studio

Salon and Open Studio Show

• Well-attended both days. Fun.

• Sold three assemblages, handmade paper, cards, broadsides, photographs, and more


August & September, Bellingham at Argyle Salon

Solo Show

• Over twenty assemblages, plus two monotypes and a handmade paper collage


August, Bellingham at the Firehouse PAC

Women, Words, and Works

• Group show of the artworks by four women who are both poets and artists: Sheila Sondik, Nancy Canyon, Judy Kleinberg and Anita K. Boyle


June 21, Bellingham, Lucia Douglas Gallery

For the Love of Fairhaven

• An invitational group show of inspired local artists

• Lanny Little, curator

• My watercolor painting "Live Jazz," of the exterior of Skylark's Cafe, was the first artwork to sell


April, Bellingham at the Bellwether

Allied Arts Group Show

• Watercolor portrait of Julian Priester on the Trombone



July 1 through September 15, Bellingham, Whatcom Museum

Nature in the Balance

• Showed "Self Portrait of an Iceberg," a large watercolor painting made using melting ice, plus a small triptych beneath, with all four pieces matted and frame as one

• Open to artists for a selected theme: Nature in the Balance


July 21 through September 25, Bellingham Food Coop

• Featured artist

• Show of watercolor, prints, drawings of animals, landscapes and portraits


July 13, Bellingham, Sunnyland neighborhood

Sunnyland Stomp event

Poetry reading with James Bertolino


June 7 through 15, Lynden Public Library

Friends of the Lynden Library group show

• Included a pair of linoleum block prints


April, Seattle, Hanson Scott Gallery

• Featured artist: showed 25 framed assemblages


January, Seattle, Hanson Scott Gallery

• showed a selection of assemblages through December 2013


September 27, Bellingham, Village Books

• Group reading for Clover Magazine


Poets in the Park

June 20, Redmond, WA, Anderson Park

• Poetry reading for Egress Studio Press, including poets Sibyl James and James Bertolino

• Poetry reading for Tacoma reading series, with three other poets, including Connie Walle and Michael MaGee

• Book table for Egress Studio and MoonPath Press


Transformations & Translations

June 12, Bellingham

The Works Studio, Gallery and Conversation

• Pop-Up Gallery Showwith Mary Jo Maute

• Poetry reading with James Bertolino and Nancy Canyon, and singer/songwriter Allision Preisinger


Transformations & Translations

June, Bellingham

The Works Studio, Gallery and Conversation

Pop-Up Gallery Show with Mary Jo Maute


Egress Studio Press Group Reading

April 8, Bellingham at Village Books

Egress Studio Press group reading

• with James Bertolino, Ann Spiers, Richard Widerkehr, Susan J. Erickson, and Sheila Sondik.


March 27, Redmond, Little Red Schoolhouse

Redmond Association of Spoken Word

• Poetry reading with James Bertolino


March 15, Bellingham, Village Books

• Group reading for Clover Magazine


February 28, Bellingham, Mount Baker Theatre

World Peace Poets Award Ceremony

• Received Poet Publisher Award for being a publisher of poetry

• Anthology release and reading


About Photo on the Right:Detail from Flight CompartmentsShowing at Social Fabric (Bellingham) for the month of March, 2016, this assemblage includes two papers made with pond materials. In this photo, you can see the cattail paper. The other paper consists 100% from Floating Pond Algae, and still contains the willow and cottonwood leaves and sticks that came with it when it was pulled from the pond.



October 23-26, Whidbey Island, Greenbank and Coupeville

• Taught a workshop about the use of a poet's interior and exterior landscapes

• Participated in two panels: one for publishing, and one on the craft of poetry


October 8, Redmond, Park Place Books

• Poetry reading with James Bertolino, and an open mic


September 25, Bellingham, Village Books

• Poetry reading with James Bertolino

• Opening reading for my book The Drenched, an illustrated, limited edition book


September 21, Bellingham, Village Books

• Group reading for Clover Magazine


September 14, Seattle

Naked City Brew Pub

• Poetry reading for StringTown Magazine


August 22, Bellingham, Fairhaven Firehouse PAC

Women, Words, and Works Art and Poetry Show

• Poetry reading by four women who are poets and artists


May 11, Bellingham at Big Rock Garden

Celebration of Art and Poetry on Mother's Day

• Group poetry reading

• Organized the poets and schedule for this 6-hour event


April 26, Bellingham, Whatcom Museum

• Group poetry reading about art


April 18, Lynden, at the Jansen Art Center

Celebration of National Poetry Month

• Poetry reading with James Bertolino and Sam Moore


March 9, Portland, OR

Distinguished Poets Reading

• Poetry reading with James Bertolino


February 27-March 2, Seattle, Washington Convention Center

Associated Writers Program Book Sales

• Sold out of the hard cover limited editions of my latest book, The Drenched


February 16, Bellingham,Village Books

• Group reading for Clover Magazine



November 9, Bellingham, St James Presbyterian Church

Poems About Peace


November 10, Bellingham, Fairhaven Firehouse PAC

Poems About War

Group poetry reading

Alders at the Edge of the Pond

Inspiration is not only at the edge of the Noon Road pond, but  above, beside, in the waters, and even below the pond.

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