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Announcing the First E-Book by Egress Studio Press

The collaborative poetry book—Lit-Wads— is the first and only (so far) e-book published by Egress Studio Press. This version is very similar to the handmade version you see, but without the use of paper. There are two interactive versions in pdf format only. The audio version uses recordings of the poets reading the poems aloud, which you can choose to listen to, or not, by the touch of a button or turn of a page. The silent version is the same as the audio version, but has no audio components, and is a smaller file size. Currently, both the audio and silent versions are the same price. Let's call this a trial version, perhaps. Adobe's techs have checked the audio version, and say it works just fine, but let me know if any kinks show up.


with Audio: 42 Mb

Lit-Wads (Silent)

without Audio: 1 Mb

Choose one of the above: $3.75 each

You will be sent a link to download.

Land Line: 360-543-3903

Snail Mail: 5581 Noon Road, Bellingham WA 98226