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About Anita K. Boyle

I am a poet, an artist, and a publisher of Washington State poets who lives just outside Bellingham, Washington. Born and raised in North Seattle, I moved to Bellingham in 1980. For most of my life, I enjoyed learning as an autodidact, including art techniques—ink illustration, stained glass, watercolor, oil, acrylic, printmaking and ceramics.


Then, in 1994, I was suddenly in a position to return to school. I graduated from Whatcom Community College with honors (1995), and from Western Washington University, cum laude (1998).  Since then, I have been the sole proprietor of Egress Studio, my graphic design and illustration business, with clients such as the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra. I’ve published several poets’ chapbooks, and over two hundred poetry broadsides; created and shown my watercolor paintings and assemblages; am included in workshops and gatherings with poets and artists in Northwest Washington and elsewhere; and am otherwise consumed with the larger creative community in our area.


During 2015, I’ll be in the process of printing and constructing three separate poetry books in limited editions—hard bound copies with original artwork, and soft covers with copies of the art—followed by an electronic publication with the poet's voice.


Since 1987, my home has been located northeast of Bellingham, where I now live with my husband, the poet James Bertolino. We share five acres with a herding dog, two cats, as well as various forms of wildlife. There were horses here once, as well as other dogs, cats, poultry and fish, that are missed every day, though I know for the most part they lived long healthy lives. Each day here helps me enjoy this life full of joy and sadness, astonishment and beauty.


Vital Circuitry

As an Artist…

I thrive on gathering knowledge about fine art techniques—from papermaking to printmaking, watercolor to oil painting, line drawing to assemblage. While I've learned some of this information in a classroom setting, I have to say that most of my knowledge comes from reading books and hands-on experimentation. You can see many of the techniques I use surfacing in my assemblages. Northwest Washington informs every artwork I create.


As a Poet…

My poems are like translations of physical imagery and imagination into seemingly logical sequences that wind up on the page. Each poem works with a landscape and the characters who live there, whether they are people, birds, insects, trees, or stones—an assemblage of sorts. Like a story, only different.


As a Publisher of Poetry…

I was freelancing as a graphic designer for well over a decade, and am capable of working on all sorts of graphic design projects—pretty much anything for print or the internet. However, making and publishing books by hand is on my Top Ten List of enjoyable things to do. Each of the books Egress Studio Press publishes are designed by me, including the cover. As a poet, I pay very close attention to the content of the poems while I design each book. Since I'm an artist, too, I am able to illustrate the covers, and interiors, as well. I design, print and assemble Egress Studio Press' hard cover and soft cover books.


As an Artist, Poet, and Publisher…

My autobiography can be found inside my work. All of the art I create describes who I am in visual terms through nature and symbol. The poetry and art I create contains the textures, colors and other nuances from the Pacific Northwest, where I've lived all my life. Like many people whose ancestors came from an "old country" over a century ago, I have a very short history, and act "like a tailless scavenger," trying to gather and create a new set of cultural, social, historical, and mythological beginnings for myself. I glean from memory when possible. But mostly, I latch onto whatever is at hand in an attempt to quilt together a fabrication of who we are in this area.


Publishing the poetry of Washington State poets gives me the opportunity to add other voices to my own, which can broaden the base for the new sense of being my art attempts to create. Plus, making books by hand is a perfect way to create functional assemblages: the book itself. When I make a series of hard cover books, the covers will be collaged, often using elements from the landscape around Egress Studio Press, including handmade papers that might use algae from the pond, electrical resistors, or other found objects that might support the words of the poets.

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