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About Egress Studio Press

I enjoy working with each of the poets who have published with Egress Studio Press, and learned so much about poetry, poets, and bookmaking during the process. This link between creative people is an important conduit to the joy and success of our craft as poets, and as publishers, too. Each of the poets has submitted an excellent poetry manuscript.

Once published, the best way to promote a book is to offer readings by the author in public venues. In this way, a publisher supports an entire community of poetry-lovers!

Making Books

bone folders Creating a layout for each book is about finding the art, colors, typeface, texture, and design that would complement the poets' works. When putting the books together, a designer must use whatever talents are available to present each book as the verbal artwork a collection of poetry is. I take a special pleasure in using the tools of a bookmaker, like bone folder, bee's wax and linen thread, the awl and the needles, book cradle and press.

Here are the books published by Egress Studio Press…

— A Little More About Egress Studio Press Books —

David Ossman's Book is Illustrated

For David Ossman's book, I created a series of six linoleum block prints on paper I made from cotton rug yarn. Each of the artworks has a connection in some way to the poems. This one, "Morning Coffee," refers to the poet's habit of writing with a cup of coffee in hand every morning.

The Poets and Their Poetry

Three formats of the Moon's Answer
The Moon's Answer by Lana Ayers

For Lana Ayers' book, I wanted to honor the poem she wrote with a visual response. This book is filled with one poem, and has double-page nib pen illustrations that fit together like a story from front to back. There's also handmade paper dyed yellow with Creeping Jenny and Dandelion flowers.