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Cover of Why Horses
Cover of Why Horses
The photo on the cover of this book was taken at the pond that has inspired so many poems in the book. The saddle is the heavy western style saddle that I used to use before I discovered English saddles are lighter and allow the rider to communicate more with the horse. But this saddle has a lot of memories that flutter around it when the sun is shining just so.

Why Horses

Anita K. Boyle

  • Publisher: MoonPath Press
  • Year: 2020
  • Pages: 225
  • Binding: perfect bound
  • Size: 6" x 9"
  • Price: $20

During the year this book was published, and continuing into the immediate future, no public poetry reading events could happen safely. So I feel very fortunate to have been invited to be a featured reader for the Striped Water Poets/Northwest Renaissance Poets online Poetry Night followed by an open mic in February of 2021. This event was recorded, so you're welcome to review the entire evening [here]. There was a joyous number of people present: lots of friends and people I didn't know. My two sisters were there, too, and read poems during the open mic, possibly their first public readings. I'm very proud of them, and would encourage you to listen to the open mic portion of this event.

Why Horses is for sale on the MoonPath Press website [here]. I have a few copies for sale, too. If you would like one that is signed, you can find contact information at the bottom of any page of this website.

Main item photo
Anita K. Boyle
Author Photo Credit: Abram Olson
The photographer Abram Olson loves exploring the natural world with his camera in hand, and is particularly interested in animal behavior and the methods and strategies that wild life employ to live in urban and suburban environments. Abe is fascinated by birds and takes every opportunity to observe and record them as they go about their lives. You can see more of his work [here].

Poem Samples

grasshopperTo see a few sample poems from the book, click [here]. The link will take you directly to a pdf with the poems.